Frequently asked questions

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For a comprehensive guide on how to use the KaGo parent mobile app, click on the following link


For a comprehensive guide to using the KaGo parent web app click on the link below


Please send all requests, bug reports and improvements to Jack at

For bugs and improvements please be as descriptive as possible and please include photos or screen recordings of the issue

  1. On the sign in page, click “Forgot your password?”

  2. Input the email address you used when signing up for KaGo

  3. You will receive a password reset email at that address

  4. Follow the instructions in the email and reset your password

  5. Once done, sign back into the mobile app

  1. To access the change password option in the KaGo parent mobile app, click on the little person icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app

  2. From this page you can put in your current password, your new password and you can confirm your new password

  3. When done, click “Save”. You will be logged out and can now log back in with your new password

  1. A CCD will send a parent an invitation code via the CCD web app

  2. As a parent you select your child tab

  3. Then select the blue plus button next to their current children

  4. Then click “I have an invitation code”

  5. Input the code from your invitation email, and select continue

  6. You should see a success popup

  7. Then you should see your new child profile up the top of the app

  1. First, go to the child’s tab down the bottom of the app

  2. Then select the blue plus icon next to your current children

  3. Select new application

  4. Search for your child’s centre

  5. Select all that apply

  6. Fill out the page

  7. Select “Register interest”

  8. You should see a congratulations screen

  9. Your new child application has been sent to your KaGo admin for review

  1. If a centre director sends you an invitation to sign up you will get it via email, it contains a unique invitation code that you will need to enter in the following steps,
    First click “Lets sign up” in your invitation email

  2. This will take you to the “Create account” page, copy and paste the code from your email here, then click continue

  3. On the next page fill out your name, email and phone number, then click “SMS Verification”

  4. Type in the one time code that was sent to your mobile, then click “Verify”

  5. Then create a password and click continue

  6. You should then see a success pop up

  7. You will then be taken to the dashboard and you should see one child up the top, if you have more children you can request that your child care centre send you their codes so you can add them

  1. Start by clicking on the plus button down the bottom of the app

  2. Select trip

  3. Up top you should see a “Recurring trip” toggle

  4. Click the toggle to change the trip type to recurring, then select the days that the trip will recur on

  5. Fill out the rest of the trip details, then select confirm trip

  6. You will then see a summary and select take me to dashboard

  7. Your recurring trip will be sent to your KaGo admin for review

  1. To add a child without an invitation code, first select add in the web app sidebar, then click child

  2. To get to the add child page you can also go to your child list and click “add children”

  3. If you don’t have an invitation code click new application

  4. Then type in and select your child care centre

  5. Select your days of enrolment

  6. Then fill out your child’s information including their profile picture

  7. Once done click confirm

  8. Your childcare centre will receive your child profile and once it is reviewed and approved you will be able to use your new child profile

  1. To add a casual trip, you can select “Add casual”, or you can select the plus icon then select “Trip”

  2. Set the date or date range

  3. Set the pickup and drop-off locations

  4. Add notes for the driver if needed

  5. Then select “Confirm trip”

  6. If you add a trip for the current day you will receive a popup suggesting you contact your childcare centre to confirm

  7. You will then be shown a summary, select “Take me to dashboard”

  8. Above the new trip request you will see “waiting for response”, this will change to confirmed after it has been accepted by a ccd and then scheduled once the trip has been assigned to a schedule